My grandsons and me

My grandsons and me
Grandsons are wonderful


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday Morning

I love sleeping in on saturday mornings.  It didn't really work out this morning but I caught an extra 45 minutes so that was good.  Yesterday was such a fun day.  Cohen was extremely happy and so very good.  We took him to Blake's school talent show and he slept until the school erupted with applaus for a little girl that sang.  We stayed so Blake could see Cohen, he really likes his new cousin.  I then received my a package from Gina K Designs.  So last evening I got to work organizing those stamps.  I dropped a small stamp on the floor and it rolled under my table so I had to start moving things which started me on a cleaning thing which will take me several days but it is really time.  I will still take a few moments out for stamping.  To top off my wonderful day, my hubby brought me flowers.  My craft room smells so wonderful. 

Well it is saturday and I have two graduation parties today.  We had 3 graduations in all this year.  Everytime I think we are a little old for graduation parties we end up being invited to at least two or 3.  This year our great-neice, Ashley, graduated from Thief River Falls, and our neice, Hayley, from Blaine.  Then there is Brooke, from Champlin, she belongs to long time friends.  Well time to go from now.  Happy Stamping