My grandsons and me

My grandsons and me
Grandsons are wonderful


Saturday, June 30, 2012

The rest of June

Well the rest of the month sure went by quickly.  I got a totally new type of leg socket and am learning how to put it on.  It is a suction socket and I learned that if it is not on properly I will be in big trouble.  Have to leave it off so the sores can heal on my stump and butt.  Ouch.  I also had the pleasure of having my grandsons over at one time or another.  Boy I love them so much.  I seen a quote on Pinterest today that said, "Grandchildren are a parents reward for not killing their teenagers."  I sure am glad I didn't kill my teenagers cause I have three of the worlds most wonderful grandsons.  The older two are camera shy but the youngest is a real ham.  I always appreciate and truly treasure photos of Brandon and Blake because they have NO time for a camera so I know it is a big sacrifice for them to indulge me.  Cohen loves to have his picture taken and hams it up if he sees a camera in someone's hand.  In fact, one of his first words was "cheeese." LOL Here are some recent snapshots of my wonderful grandbabies.
well Brandon is a teenager and we all know they are moody.  14 years old and 6 ft 5 inches tall.  Lot of teenager to love.

Blake will still smile and I think deep down he doesn't mind his picture taken.  He sure has a nice smile,  And of course, both older boys love their cousin.

Now you see what I mean about our little hambone.  He is a cutie.

We celebrated Father's day early because Dave was going fishing.  I knew he would miss me so I made a card for him to let him know how much I loved him. 
Dave his holding up his father's day gift from Cohen.  He is a very advanced 16 month old.

Here is a close up.  He used his handprint to make a fish.  Cute huh!
I made a Father's Day card for Cohen to give to his daddy too and because Andy loves golf I found a silly golfer to stamp.

Here is the card I made for Dave.  I used the Stampin Up set "The Open Sea"  Although he was not going to sea ( he went to Canada) there was a lot of water where he did go.  I think the card turned out awesome.  I sure hope he liked it.  He did tell me he loved me too so I guess he did.

Well June has been a busy month of birthday's, graduations and weddings.  I was so busy making cards I almost forgot to take a picture of the graduation cards I made.  Oh well I only had to replace one envelope.  I made three like this different colors and as I am driving home from the first one realized I made a mistake on the school's initials.  Sorry Ashley, I was thinking John F Kennedy so it became JHS instead of KHS.  Some days I am pretty ditsy. 

It can hold a check or cash because I used clear photo corners. The one's I used were offered at one time by Creative Memories.  They are very large but fit the bill here perfectly. 

There were plenty of birthdays in June and for the second half of the month I only made cards for two very special people.  All the other folks that I know who had birthday's are very special to me but I just didn't have the time I am still trying to catch up with weddings.  And besides those two people are my daughter and son-in-law. Here are their cards.

This is Katy's card I used Stampin Up                 This is Andy's birthday card.  I think I told you he
punch, stamps and DSP along with a                  loves golf.  I used Stampin Up punches, Cuttlebug
Nestie to complete the card                                  embossing folder.  The sentiment is by Stampin Up.

Speaking of golf, I won a prize on our Friday night couples golf league.  Closest to the pin.  I was impressed.  One shot and I got within 7 feet of the pin.

And now for weddings.  I had two marriage celebrations to make cards for.  My nephew Chris and his new bride Sadie celebrated their marriage on June 23.  I couldn't go because of my darn leg but I made the card and it is in the mail. haha  They got married back in December in a quiet personal ceremony and used the color red. Here is the card I went with for them.  Seen the design on Pinterest and just couldn't help casing it.
Who personalizes towels these days but thought the idea was so very cute.  Just like Sadie.  Haven't even met her yet but she has the best smile.

Then the other day I get an email from my neice Traci saying "we did it".  Yup after all these years and making it through an entire house renovation they tied the note.  I am so happy for them and wish them the very best.  I found the design, again on Pinterest (I love that site) and put my twist on it.  I used Stampin Up embossing folder and stamp set "Petite Pairs." for the sentiment.  I wanted a little glitz so I found this little sliver of gold ribbon and then painted the crystals with a gold metallic Sharpie. 

All this wedding talk got me thinking! Yes I know that is a scary thought.  My great neice Janessa got married last November and I cannot remember if I sent them a wedding card.  Oh here goes my ditsy side again. Better check.  It is okay to check if you are ditsy.

So you can see I have been busy.  I also started volunteering.  I decided I wanted to give a little back so I became a hospice volunteer with a company called Heartland.  My oldest daughter, Jennifer, works for them as a nurse.  I did enjoy the one lady that I visited with but need to budget my time better because I had 10 people to visit with but only made it to one.  I will get back next week and budget better.  I think that is a good goal.   

I really do need to blog more often and guess I am going to make that a goal too.  I sure need to make some cards that I can send off to my friends in Florida mostly just because I miss them.  I have several birthdays in July and we do have a wedding at the end of the month so I better get off and start creating.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Repeat Impressions Sketch J1312 Challenge

I have been looking for an idea to create a birthday card for my youngest daughter.  I found it thanks to Stamp N Boomer.  Anyway Repeat Impressions has a sketch challenge and I was inspired and the idea came together quickly.  Here is my creation.  Don't know if it will be the birthday card but I do love this.
I have been dying to use this pin.  I wanted a clean yet sophisticated card and I think this one works.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Continued journey

My journey to downsize continues.  I have been able to downsize all my stamps to two shelves instead of 4 with at least 12 boxes on each shelf and two shelves 6 feet long with the 400 Stampin Up sets I had.  I have moved the stamps I want to keep onto cling foam with the exception of large stamps and a few small Stampin Up stamps.  I also purged a lot of stamps.  I probably have 200 Stampin Up sets and at least 400 individual stamps to sell.  All are in good shape I just haven't used them and there are so many new stamps I want to get.  Speaking of new stamps, I bought this cute set that you can use HoneyPOP with.  Here is the card that I created for my sister's birthday.
On the inside is where I put the HoneyPOP and totally forgot to take a picture of the inside of the card.  But believe me it was awesome. Bobbie, have a fabulous birthday. 

Since my brother-in-law and my sister have the same birthday I wanted to send him a card also.  I purchased this pennant punch from Epiphany Crafts.  It is really cool.  Not only does it make the pennant it attaches the bubble caps.  I think the card turned out pretty cool.  It reminds me of a parade.  Kenny, have a happy day.

As you can see I have had a lot of events happening in my life.  Below is a retirement card that I made for a friend that retired from the Carver County Sheriff's Office.  Larry likes to golf so this is the perfect card for him.  I have found that retirement is wonderful and hope that Larry will find it just the same.

This gift card holder is for my great neice Jessica and her husband Dustin who are having a baby very very soon.  Congratulations to them and to first time grandparents Randy and Lori.

This gift card holder is for my great-great neice, Kaitlynn Marie and her new parents Christopher and Sadie. 
Both of the gift card holders were CASed from one I found on Pinterest.  I really love that web site.

Wee, busy busy.  I do have to weddings this summer so will get onto that next.  I found a cute card on Pinterest that I am going to CASe for the wedding cards.  I also have a lot of birthday cards but have my own ideas for them  When I have created them I will upload them for you to see. 

Love you Brandon, Blake and Cohen.   grandma.