My grandsons and me

My grandsons and me
Grandsons are wonderful


Saturday, December 28, 2013

December 28, 2013

This has been a wonderful year for my family.  We were blessed with a new addition, Asher Dean Kaminsky on May 17.  We now have 4 grandsons.  Our oldest daughter, Jennifer, recently got a new job, our oldest grandson, Brandon, finally got the courage to take his driver's test, Blake our thirteen year old has a girlfriend and Asher's brother, Cohen is in love with trains just like his Poppa Dave.  Brian is working and doing all right and Katy and Andy sold their home and are starting the process of building a new home.  Today was Dave's 60th birthday and we celebrated by going to the trains at Bandana Square.  Tomorrow we will do a big family thing at Broadway Pizza, Dave's favorite food. 
I have been blessed with a wonderful family I couldn't ask for anything better. 

I am teaching a card class twice a month with a wonderful friend.  I enjoy this class so much.  I plan on placing all my designs on this blog as soon as I get my computer repaired so I can download photos. 

So for now I am putting up some photo's  of cards that may be a little old but cards that I love none the less.

Have a blessed 2014


Asher Dean


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I'm Baack

Well it has been some time since I last posted but be assured I have not been sitting idly by doing nothing.  I did golf in a league during the summer in Minnesota.  I golfed with the Osseo United Methodist Church women's league and what a great group of women they are.  I didn't improve my game but I sure enjoyed myself.  We also went on our annual Wisconsin Dells, Christmas Mountain adventure with the entire family.  It is usually a chaotic time but the grandkids love it and just don't want to stop going there.  Besides, I love the birthday present they create for me while we are there.  My birthday is in September and I have been getting a picture of my grandsons.  The first portrait I got was for my 60th birthday and it was a beautifully framed sepia tone of the 3 grandsons I had at the time.  Brandon, Blake and baby Cohen.  Well this year they surprised me with a canvas, which included Brandon, Blake, almost 3 Cohen and baby Asher.  There were also pictures of the entire family.
From left to right the back row is my son-in-law Andy, our daughter Katy, our son Brian and that tall one in the yellow shirt is grandson number one, 15 year old Brandon, our daughter Jennifer, grandson number 2, 13 year old Blake whose birthday we always celebrate at the Dells.  In the front is my awesome husband Dave and he is holding 2 year old Cohen and that is me holding the newest addition to our family Asher.  I am proud of all of them they work hard and have accomplished so much.  Well enough of that mushy stuff. 

We left MN in late September and headed east.  We decided that we were not going straight to Florida but detoured from our regular route and visited states that we had never been to before.  Our first stop was Indiana where we seen the Studebaker Museum (awesome place to visit by the way) and Notre Dame. The it was off to Cleveland, Ohio and the Rock and Roll Hall of fame.  Then it was off to Niagara Falls, NY.  OMG we had the best time in Niagara Falls.  From the falls we spent a little relaxing time in Vermont where the fall is stunning.  From there we headed down south to Boston and visited our friends Muriel Moore and Lois Cavanaugh.  They are such wonderful ladies.  Of course we had to do a tour of Boston which exhausted us. And from Boston it was to Florida.  It was a fabulous way to get to Florida.  Next fall we will try a different route. 
Niagara Falls



Muriel, Lois and Dave

Driving to Cleveland
I just got a Samsung Note for my birthday so was playing around and taking pictures as we drove.  I think they didn't turn out to badly.  We had a wonderful time but we were both glad to get home to Florida.  There was plenty to do around the house.  It seems that we got struck by lightning and are having to replace all kinds of stuff or get stuff repaired.  Yikes. 
 I also was asked to fill in teaching a card making class for a lady whose husband is ill.  Of course I said yes so I have been busy with that and now I can show you some of the wonderful cards I have made.  Some for the class and others I made while taking a class.  I do love my card making.  I also love shopping for supplies.  3 friends, Shirley, Pat, Linda and I took a trip down to Ruskin, FL where there is a shop called Sparkle and Sprinkle.  We made a card and they have so much stuff oh my. Shirley has the picture of us in front of the store and I will have to get it from here.  Now before we get to the cards I should tell you that I do more than make greeting cards.  I go to plays and concerts and Dave and I go to one of the town squares to listen to music and dance.  Thanks to my prosthetist I am able to dance again and I am getting braver all the time.  Now on to the cards
Isn't this snowman cute.  Just started going to this class and this is called the chalkboard technique.  It was designed by Stampin Up Demonstrator, Carrie King.   I love him so much.

This is a card I designed for my class using Stampin Up products.   



 A fellow that I golf with on Saturdays asked me to make his Christmas cards of which I was honored to.  However he wanted a Santa, a golf cart, golf clubs toys and a sled.  Well I looked all over for a Santa in a golf cart and there just isn't one to be found.  I even looked into having a stamp made (cost prohibitive) so this is what I ended up with.  Actually the card is better looking than the photo and I think it turned out great.  He liked them so much he asked me to make 6 more.  Bob is 91 so for him to purchase 26 cards was awesome.  I just wish I could have found Santa driving around in a golf cart.  After all I am in Florida.

Speaking of Bob, I made this card for his June birthday.  I love how it turned out.

I have a great, great niece that had a birthday and found this cute stamp set in Big Lake, MN at a store called the Stampin Place.  They make their own stamps there too.  I like how this came together.  I really had no idea what I was going to do but then the paper caught my eye and the little premade bows, it all just came together very well I think.

Another Stampin Up set called By The Tide.  It is a wonderful set to use when making masculine cards but the set could be used to make feminine cards as well.  I love the simplicity of this card yet it looks awesome.

This is my design.  I was playing around making flowers and die cutting swirls and doilies and decided to use them all on one card.  This is really outside my comfort zone but it came together quickly and in my opinion it is beautiful.  I used it for my oldest daughter, Jennifer's birthday

I made this card in a class which I attended.  We used the Wetland stamp set from Stampin Up and made this easel card.  I just love how this one turned out.

This card was my design.  I copied a technique that we did when I was in Ruskin.  We took two sided adhesive tape/paper and covered an entire image after we colored it.  I chose to do this cute snowman from Stampin Up's Best of Snow stamp set.  I used Sizzix dies and glossy paper to emboss snowflakes on.  I love it;.  I am having difficulty with non-traditional Christmas colors so for me this was a huge success

Here is another card I designed using Stampin Up's Santa's List stamp set.  He is a gorgeous Santa and there are so many other ways to use him as you will see next

This card was designed by my friend Linda Gibb.  I loved the background paper that tells The Night Before Christmas.. 

This is the Christmas card that I sent out this year.  I found the design on Heartfelt Creations Blog.  I liked the idea of not coloring in everything and thought that it would be a quick card to make since I send out over 100 cards.  Boy was I fooled.  This card took me hours and the help of my friend Shirley to complete.  I wanted to add a little sparkle so I used a product from Sparkle and Sprinkle called Cloud Nine Velvet Glitter.  Oh my
this glitter is so soft.  Amazing stuff.

Well this was an unusually long blog since it has been such a long time.  I will have more cards next week. So I hope people will take a look at these and enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making the cards and the memories.