My grandsons and me

My grandsons and me
Grandsons are wonderful


Saturday, December 28, 2013

December 28, 2013

This has been a wonderful year for my family.  We were blessed with a new addition, Asher Dean Kaminsky on May 17.  We now have 4 grandsons.  Our oldest daughter, Jennifer, recently got a new job, our oldest grandson, Brandon, finally got the courage to take his driver's test, Blake our thirteen year old has a girlfriend and Asher's brother, Cohen is in love with trains just like his Poppa Dave.  Brian is working and doing all right and Katy and Andy sold their home and are starting the process of building a new home.  Today was Dave's 60th birthday and we celebrated by going to the trains at Bandana Square.  Tomorrow we will do a big family thing at Broadway Pizza, Dave's favorite food. 
I have been blessed with a wonderful family I couldn't ask for anything better. 

I am teaching a card class twice a month with a wonderful friend.  I enjoy this class so much.  I plan on placing all my designs on this blog as soon as I get my computer repaired so I can download photos. 

So for now I am putting up some photo's  of cards that may be a little old but cards that I love none the less.

Have a blessed 2014


Asher Dean