My grandsons and me

My grandsons and me
Grandsons are wonderful


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Continued journey

My journey to downsize continues.  I have been able to downsize all my stamps to two shelves instead of 4 with at least 12 boxes on each shelf and two shelves 6 feet long with the 400 Stampin Up sets I had.  I have moved the stamps I want to keep onto cling foam with the exception of large stamps and a few small Stampin Up stamps.  I also purged a lot of stamps.  I probably have 200 Stampin Up sets and at least 400 individual stamps to sell.  All are in good shape I just haven't used them and there are so many new stamps I want to get.  Speaking of new stamps, I bought this cute set that you can use HoneyPOP with.  Here is the card that I created for my sister's birthday.
On the inside is where I put the HoneyPOP and totally forgot to take a picture of the inside of the card.  But believe me it was awesome. Bobbie, have a fabulous birthday. 

Since my brother-in-law and my sister have the same birthday I wanted to send him a card also.  I purchased this pennant punch from Epiphany Crafts.  It is really cool.  Not only does it make the pennant it attaches the bubble caps.  I think the card turned out pretty cool.  It reminds me of a parade.  Kenny, have a happy day.

As you can see I have had a lot of events happening in my life.  Below is a retirement card that I made for a friend that retired from the Carver County Sheriff's Office.  Larry likes to golf so this is the perfect card for him.  I have found that retirement is wonderful and hope that Larry will find it just the same.

This gift card holder is for my great neice Jessica and her husband Dustin who are having a baby very very soon.  Congratulations to them and to first time grandparents Randy and Lori.

This gift card holder is for my great-great neice, Kaitlynn Marie and her new parents Christopher and Sadie. 
Both of the gift card holders were CASed from one I found on Pinterest.  I really love that web site.

Wee, busy busy.  I do have to weddings this summer so will get onto that next.  I found a cute card on Pinterest that I am going to CASe for the wedding cards.  I also have a lot of birthday cards but have my own ideas for them  When I have created them I will upload them for you to see. 

Love you Brandon, Blake and Cohen.   grandma.