My grandsons and me

My grandsons and me
Grandsons are wonderful


Sunday, April 15, 2012

GKD card swap

I have found that I love Pinterest.  So many ideas for cards and just anything else.  I am seriously considering learning how to cook.  The weather here in Florida has been wonderful.  Warm days and cool nights.  We have been playing a lot of golf with our friends because soon we will be heading to Minnesota for the summer.  But before I go north I wanted to finish the cards that I am doing for a card swap over on Stamp TV.  This weekend I came up with the ideas and created a card for each of the three categories and in fact finished all the cards in the red, white and blue category.  Thought I might share the cards with those of you that follow my blog.  Here they are.
Category 1 was a wedding or annivery card

Category 2 was red, white and blue

Category 3 was a masculine card.
This was my very first attempt at a swing card but I think it turned out very well and is definitely a great birthday card. 

I now just have to find where I put the kraft paper I cut for the masculine card and do the rest of the cards in the other two categories.  I really enjoy the swaps and it does challenge my creativity and allows me to use all the stamps, inks, embellishments and tools that I have accumulated. 

Only a week and a half and then we will be heading north.  Since it was a mild winter the golf courses are open so that we can continue golfing.  I think I am going to take some lessons.  Don't know if there are any instructors that teach amputees but I sure hope someone can help me cause I would like to get a little better. 

I have a busy week this week. Monday is golf and a picnic in the evening with the MN club.  Tuesday I have two card classes and Wednesday I am playing golf again and have another card class.  Thursday I am having lunch with a couple of friends and playing golf and then on Friday I only have golf.  Saturday is golf and lunch with my golfing buddies.  I hope I can make some time to do independent card making because I have a birthday card to get out before Thursday.  So I better close and get going making that birthday card.