My grandsons and me

My grandsons and me
Grandsons are wonderful


Monday, November 14, 2011

Hey everyone, well it has been a busy weekend. Friday Dave and I golfed in the Minnesota Club's annual golf tournament.  Saturday we golfed with our neighbors and on Sunday met up with friends, Ginger and Dwight Gardstrom for lunch and for a model railroad show at Coconut Cove Recreation Center.  I did have some time to work on thank you cards for my 60th birthday party.  They were long over due but turned out nicely.

I also made a card for my wonderful cousin Janet's birthday.  Didn't get a chance to call her today but sent the card out so she knows I was thinking of her.  I liked how it turned out.

I made one card this afternoon for the mother of a StampTV sister who is in the later stages of cancer.  Her favorite color is teal and although the photo doesn't do the colors justice the card turned out fabulously.  I found the ribbon (a gift from another StampTV sister) after I had colors chosen and the paper piecing on the vase completed what a wonderful find.

As for my family, I had a nice chat with my son, Brian the other day.  He is still looking for a job so I will keep my fingers crossed.  Katy and Andy are finishing up the remodeling of their family room.  Cohen is 9 months old and cuter than ever, see what I mean.

It looks like he got caught doing something wrong.  Of course the black and white stripes don't help much.  
I haven't spoken with my two oldest grandsons, but I am sure that Brandon is as excited as can be since his team the Packers kicked the Vikings back to Minnesota tonight.  Blake on the other hand is probably not that happy as his team is the Vikings.  Oh maybe next year Blake.  

Brandon is pretty tired here but he sure loves his cousin and Blake's winning smile is awesome.  I have some very handsome grandson's.  Lucky me.